Vydána aktualizace ZenPhoto20

Byla vydána aktualizace galerie ZenPhoto20, tentokrát rovnou

Hlavní novinky od verze 1.5.3:

  • reCAPTCHA odstraněna (Google ukončil její podporu), v ZenPhoto20 je již delší dobu její náhrada reCAPTCHA2.
  • Plugin Piwik přejmenován na Matomo.
  • Plugin cacheManager – opraveno generování náhledů.
  • Další velká aktualizace češtiny v galerii (oprava překlepů, aktualizace překladu,…).
  • Nový plugin Video.JS, který standardně přehrává videa pomocí HTML5 a umožňuje přepnutí mezi HD a SD.
  • Nový vzhled zenFluid od James Browna.
  • Oprava některých drobných chyb v kódu + vylepšení.
  • A mnohé další…


Ke stažení:



Kompletní přehled změn od verze 1.5 v angličtině:


This release fixes multiple bugs and security holes. For details see the change log.

ZenPhoto20 now provides a fall-back translation facility for cases where a site does not have the PHP gettext module or where translations are otherwise not working. This facility is invoked when ZenPhoto20 notices that the function gettext() is not present. You can disable the gettext module by editing your PHP.ini file. Find the line which reads extension=php_gettext.dll and place a semicolon in front of the text, e.g. ;extension=php_gettext.dll. Note: the PHP module is the preferred translation facility. Using the fall-back comes with some performance loss. Also note that number formatting is controlled by the locale settings, not gettext. If PHP gettext does not work because of locale issues your number formatting may not be correct


The language tag implementation has been enhanced so that language specific translations of tags can be organized under a „master:“ tag. (Presumably this would be the tag in the administrator’s native language.) These language „subtags“ will be ordered by language and indented under the master tag. When there is a checkbox, the master tag checkbox will also apply to the language subtags.

If the multi-lingual option is set and you create a new tag with a language specified or assign a language to a tag which was previously language independent then subtags for each of the site active languages will automatically be created. The initial value of the tag will be the master tag text with a language indicator postpended. Once created you can edit the subtag text to provide the translation.


Tags uniqueness now includes the language. That is the same tag spelling is possible so long as the assigned language is different. Thus it is now possible to have both  the English tag „table“ and the French tag „table.“ However, only unique tags are listed for objects as there is no language association there. So if in the example above, only one instance of „table“ will be listed.



The plugin provides support for the Video.JS video player (videojs.com). It will play video natively via HTML5 in capable browsers. if the appropiate multimedia formats are provided. It will fall back to flash in older browsers. The player size is responsive to the browser size and is is capable of switching between HD and SD video files.


The cacheManager plugin has been updated to properly handle theme options such as thumb crop.Tthe appropriate cache sizes will be registered for the theme based on these options. Prior to this enhancement the themes were assuming cropped images, for instance. In addition, cache sizes will be registered for themes assigned as an album theme. The options for album themes may differ from the basic theme, so separate registration is needed. Album themes will automatically be checked as is with the current theme.


The „Truncate at pagebreak“ checkbox has been removed from the article edit page. This setting is redundant as content shortening will always occur at a page break so long as there is one before the truncation limit. The article methods getTruncation() and setTruncation() are also removed. These were for internal use only and not needed.

New zenpage links now will have the mod rewrite suffix appended to better conform with SEO friendly URLs. Existing articles and pages will left as they were. However should you want to migrate all titlelinks the titlelinkMigration plugin will provide that function. Coincident to this change, changing the mod_rewrite_suffix on the general options page will also update the titlelinks. See also the note on the titlelinkMigration plugin. Also the unique images option has been decoupled from the mod rewrite suffix .


This utility will add the mod rewrite suffix to all article or page titlelinks that do not already have it as a suffix. NOTE: migration may result in duplicated titlelinks. If that would be the case, the titlelink will not be changed. This occurrence will be logged in the debug log. Should a migrated object be accessed with the old link without the mod_rewrite_suffix the browser will be permanently redirected to the new suffix form.

reCaptcha, reCaptcha_v2

Google has updated its reCAPTCHA scripts to version 2 and has disabled the old reCAPTCHA methods. ZenPhoto20 now supplies the reCaptcha_v2 plugin which works with Google’s new implementation. The reCaptcha plugin has now been removed.

You will need to register new credentials for reCaptcha_v2 and switch to this plugin. The hidden theme of reCAPTCHA v2 requires modifications to the submit button on the form to function. See the register_user_form script for details on this implementation.


The name of this plugin has been changed to Matomo in accordance to the same change made by the developers. See the developer’s notice. Any settings you have made for piwik will migrate to the new plugin.


This is a new plugin that implements lazy loading of images. Lazy loading is a design pattern commonly used in computer programming to defer initialization of an object until the point at which it is needed. It can contribute to efficiency in the program’s operation if properly and appropriately used.  The plugin integrates lazy-load-xt with ZenPhoto20 theme page images.


MP3 and MP4 file formats are now (optionally) rendered directly by the plugin using the HTML5 video and audio tags rather than via a multimedia plugin.


zenFluid by James Brown is now part of ZenPhoto20. This is fluid theme based on the original ZenPage theme.

zpBootstrap has been updated to version 2.0.

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